Auditor O'Brien leading a meeting of the independent Audit Committee.

The Denver Auditor is a check and balance on Denver’s
“strong mayor” system. As a key accountability resource in this city, I serve in an important role for both auditing and wage protections. 

With a new mayor and City Council, my steadfast understanding of what city leadership promised — compared to what it actually does — will be more important than ever. In my audit work, I will continue to elevate accountability by supporting transparency in the use of public resources. The city must step up when it comes to following through on its promises.

Key Completed Audits

  • Residential Trash, Recycling and Composting Services
  • Co-Responder Expansion Grant and Contract Compliance
  • City Equity Program and Practices
  • Mental Health Services in Denver’s Jail Systems
  • Peña Boulevard Improvements
  • Fair Elections Fund
  • Parks Legacy Plan
  • Airport Parking Shuttle System
  • Coronavirus Relief Funding
  • Syringe Access and Sharps Disposal
  • Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program
  • “Minority/Women and/or Disadvantaged Business” Program
  • Open Records Request Process
  • Short-Term Rentals
  • Homeless Services
  • Affordable Housing
  • Police Operations – District Patrol
  • Denver Zoo, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Art Museum

Audit Priorities

  • Homeless Encampments
  • On-Call and Professional Services Contracts
  • City Council Operations
  • Security of City Voting Systems
  • Division of Small Business Opportunity
  • Paramedic Response Times
  • Child Welfare Placement Services
  • Great Hall Construction
  • Denver Museum of Nature & Science
  • Police Department Operations
  • Residential Permitting
  • Employee Separation Process
  • Affordable Housing
  • City Homeless Shelters
  • Caring for Denver Foundation
  • College Affordability Scholarship Program
  • Cybersecurity (series)
  • Construction Audits (series)
  • Contracts and Agreements (series)
  • Grant Audits (series)