Denver Labor

Since I was first elected in 2015, Denver’s workers have become some of the most protected in the country. My Denver Labor team has received national recognition and is noted in renowned academic publications as a model for wage education and enforcement in peer cities. 

In 2022, my minimum wage and prevailing wage teams returned more than $1 million to workers who were not paid a legal wage.

My priorities:

  • Protect workers from bad-actor employers, regardless of immigration status or language barriers.
  • Review 100% of certified payrolls for prevailing wage work and investigate 100% of minimum wage complaints.
  • Keep city business moving efficiently by finding quick and collaborative solutions with employers.
  • Maintain an education-first strategy to help employers stay in compliance with Denver’s wage laws.

    For several years, we have been investigating, remedying, and deterring violations of the minimum wage, overtime, and prevailing wage laws. And, as of Jan. 10 of this year, we are also the only city agency that enforces Denver’s new Civil Wage Theft Ordinance.

    Doing this work the right way is profoundly important, not just for individual workers and business owners but also for their families and communities.